Online Registration for 2021-2022 will be done on Skyward

The app does NOT work for online registration.  Only parents/guardians can do the online registration.  You can login through any school website or our district website (or DeKalb West website .  Find the quick links drop down menu and then select “Skyward”.  If you need assistance with your username/password, please email:  (or for DWS students only) 
You will receive an email verifying that your registration has been completed.  If you do not get an email then log back in to Skyward and make sure you clicked the submit button. 
You can edit/change any information at any time by selecting the “mark online registration as not completed and make changes” option for the student.  You can find that on the family access home screen, online registration link, students name, and the last option under your child’s name.  Each screen will then have an “edit” button at the bottom of the page which you will have to select to make changes to that specific page. After your change has been done, scroll back to the bottom of the screen and mark the page as completed.
There are sections grayed out on purpose.  If you have errors that need to be corrected in the grayed out areas, please email me specific details so I can get that updated if possible.
Thank you!!