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Mrs. Tammy Payne

Mrs. Tammy

Tammy Payne Retires


After 36 years in education, 6th grade teacher Tammy Payne has decided to retire at the end of this school year. She has called DeKalb West School home for 25 of those years.


Her impressive resume includes serving as Child Development Specialist at Tennessee Tech University from 1986-1992. In ’92 she moved to Nashville and taught at M.J.C.A. for five years (for 5 years (Kindergarten- 2, 1st Grade- 2, and Gifted and Talented for grades K-12- 1). She was also the High School Cheer and Competition Coach all 5 years.


Moving from Nashville to Alexandria in the fall of ’97, Mrs. Payne began teaching at DWS the following fall.


“I took over cheerleading in 2,000,” Payne remembers. “I have been so proud of all of my cheerleaders; they have a very special place in my heart. My students also have a special place in my heart; DWS students are the best; hopefully, I made a positive impact on a few.”


“This school has been my family away from my family, so it is so bittersweet to leave; so many memories have been made here.  I have had the pleasure of working with many extraordinary teachers. And yes, I am so apprehensive about ending this chapter in my life and starting another. But, it is time (all good things must come to an end), and my mom needs me.”


Mrs. Payne plans to be as busy, if not more so, in her “retirement” years.


“I have many projects to complete:  I must sell a house, renovate another house (good thing that I won an interior design contest in college), bush hog the fields, put up new fencing, get two donkeys and name them Hee and Haw, read many books, travel a little, and then learn Mandarin Chinese. After that, we will see where life takes me. So I will sign off.”

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