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Your child has login information for IXL. We will use this in class, and students will have access where ever they have a computer/tablet with internet access. I encourage practice at home!

Khan Academy
Dividing Whole Numbers

Adding/Subtracting decimal Word Problems

Multiplying Decimals

Dividing Decimal



Adding/ Subtracting Fractions

multiplying fractions

Multiplying mixed numbers

Subtracting Mixed numbers with Regrouping

Dividing fractions

Dividing mixed numbers

Mixed numbers <---> improper fractions

Science Quizlet
Chapter 1: Science in Our World

Chapter 2: Interactions of Living Things

Chapter 3: Cycles in Nature

Chapter 4: The Earth's Ecosystem

Chapter 5: The Movement of Ocean Water

Chapter 6:The Atmosphere

Chapter 7: Understanding Weather

Chapter 8: Stars

Chapter 9: A Family of Planets

Chapter 10: Earth, Sun, and Moon

Chapter 11: Exploring Space

Chapter 12: Energy and Energy Resources

Chapter 13: Heat and Heat Technology

Chapter 14 Vocabulary Electricity