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Candy Sales February 9 -28


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DeKalb West School announces its Students of the Month for February.
Selected were Grady Thomason, Kindergarten, Javan Hefflin, 1st grade, Timothy Goss, 2nd grade, Izzy Prichard, 3rd grade, Ethan Hight, 4th grade, Grant Buterbaugh, 5th grade, Melanie Ortiz, 6th grade, Matt Nokes, 7th grade, and Cameron Kempton, 8th grade. Students are chosen for their academic skills, character, and other traits that make them one of the best at DeKalb West. 


picture of students, names are listed under picture


Pictured front row left to right are Timothy Goss, Melanie Ortiz, Izzy Prichard, and Grady Thomason. Back row left to right are Assistant Principal Joey Agee, Cameron Kempton, Matthew Nokes, Ethan Hight, and Grant Buterbaugh. Not pictured Javan Hefflin. 






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March 1, 2018

Family Literacy Night!!!!  




 Read 20 minutes a day!

Why are we encouraging READ 20?  Spending 20 minutes of focused time reading with your child makes a lasting impression on them, helps their reading comprehension, and builds their imagination and creativity.  Most importantly you're spending time together.  Let reading together be a part of their childhood memories!   #READ20



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