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English Language Arts
IXL Skills Practice

Your child has login information for the website IXL. We use this at school when we can, but if they have computer/tablet access at home, please find time for them to practice skills on IXL at home as well! The benefits of practicing these skills have a huge impact on your child's learning.

Think Central- Reading, Math, Science

The Think Central k-6 link on the DWS homepage and above will allow your child to log in to view online versions of their ELA, Science, and Math textbooks. They also have access to interactive workbooks, concept videos, tests, and more.

Journey's Story Extras

This link will bring you to another 5th grade teacher's page with links to spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension practice games that go along with the stories in our Journey's books.

Social Studies
Social Studies Weekly Newspaper

Your child has login information to access the online version of our social studies newspaper resource. They can read articles, practice vocabulary and spelling, take tests, and more. Each student also has a "pet" that they can earn points to buy things for their pet and pet's cage, by completing activities or reading articles. 

**The "Media" tab on the site will allow your student to search for key words pertaining to what we are currently learning, what they are completing a social studies project over, or anything else they are interested in learning more about.